Deals & Trends

A Department of Justice lawsuit was the death blow for the merger of Halliburton and Baker Hughes and scuttled the largest deal in recent memory - and perhaps ever.

Combined with the sale of Marcellus assets in March, Range’s Stack deal doesn’t anticipate any increase in debt in 2016, based on current prices.

The company’s capex, net loss and production didn’t reach analyst expectations and an agreement to pay for drilling underwhelmed some analysts.

Houston’s Memorial Production Partners LP will be a fully separate company and own its general partner after closing a deal with Memorial Resource Development Corp.

Schlumberger will buy coiled tubing units from a Canadian company while it looks to reduce 2016 global spending by nearly 25%, including up to 50% in North America.

Casillas Petroleum purchased 12,000 net acres from Chesapeake. In January, a Chesapeake subsidiary produced at least 17.2 MMcf/d on the acreage.