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Hilcorp Energy Co., Bonanza Creek Energy Inc. (BCEI) and DW Energy Group LLC will offer interests located in multiple states at a live auction by The Oil & Gas Asset Clearinghouse on Oct. 21.The interests are some of Clearinghouse’s offerings at a hybrid auction that will be held online and at the Sheraton North Houston located at 15700 JFK Blvd.Online and physical data rooms are open and bids will be submitted at 12:30 p.m. CST on Oct. 21.

Anchorage already owns a third of the Beluga River Unit’s interest and is considering adding 5,700 acres ConocoPhillips is divesting. The purchase has encountered little opposition.

“We had trouble competing because we were not willing to buy in to and underwrite deals based on what we viewed to be substantial price upside on the oil side,” said Scott R. Smetko, director, in a webcast at EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference.

Denver’s Resolute, battling back debt, could gain $158- to $237 million from the sale of its acreage in the Gardendale area of West Texas, an analyst said.

In 2015, Chesapeake is poised to outspend its discretionary cash flow by $1.3 billion. The company will take a $55 million one-time charge as it lets 740 employees go.

Through a combination of cash, revolver and proceeds for the sale of its midstream assets—acquired from Royal Dutch Shell—Sanchez’s liquidity will shoot to more than $900 million.