Deals & Trends

Oil Search and its joint venture partners have voted in favour of operator Total SA’s recommended location of key infrastructure sites for the Papua LNG Project, encompassing the Elk-Antelope gas field.

The partnership could serve as a launching point for continued growth in the region, analyst says.

New Standard’s drilling and operating program in the Eagle Ford has been overseen by its majority shareholder, Magnum Hunter Resources Corp.

Only a portion of the Utica and Marcellus pipeline was up for sale, but a premium bid worth hundreds of millions changed CEO Gary Evans’ thinking.

Freeport-McMoran Oil & Gas Inc. controls millions of acres in Texas, California, Louisiana and Africa, but low oil prices have stifled investment and will hurt growth.

Diamondback has its critics, but the company continues to defy expectations with deals, upped production and costs low enough to boast a $30 WTI breakeven.